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April 03, 2014
Morality of Freedom
Morality of Freedom
A new, free offering from ARI Campus
In this one-hour lecture, Onkar Ghate discusses the moral-philosophic ideas that led the Age of Enlightenment to uphold freedom and the rejection of this political ideal by later thinkers. Using examples that include Socrates and Isaac Newton, Dr. Ghate explains the ideas behind Enlightenment thinkers’ rejection of authority and embrace of reason—which ultimately led to the founding of America. He then explores why these ideas lost traction in the nineteenth century and how, through Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, we can revive them. Enroll now.
OCON Night of January 16th
Young Adult Weekend Night of January 16th
From talks and panels on how Objectivism applies to your life to panels on getting involved with intellectual activism, attending OCON 2014 will give you the foundation to study Objectivism in-depth. Discounted pricing has been extended until April 15 for anyone under twenty-six years of age. Get your passes today. Although Ayn Rand achieved fame as a novelist, her first public success came as a playwright. Night of January 16th, which opened on Broadway in 1935, introduced her to audiences as a bold critic of social conformity. Explore the story.
Keurig Keurig’s Rivals Launch Antitrust Attacks
Ready for another lesson in how antitrust law penalizes America’s best companies for their excellence? In the upside-down world of antitrust, courts can handicap a successful company for the benefit of less imaginative rivals.
Read more on the Voices for Reason blog.
Upcoming Events
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April 7: “The Antitrust Martyrdom of Bill Gates”
April 12: “How Best to Advance Liberty”
April 13: “Should Libertarians Support a Welfare State”
April 17: “Inequality: Should We Care?”
essay contest Win Up to $10,000
The Fountainhead essay contest is open to students in grades 11 and 12. This year, ARI will be giving out 236 prizes totaling $43,250 to students who enter the contest. Don’t miss a chance at the top prize of $10,000!
Get started today.
eStore Feature this week at the estore
Dramatic action is crucial to narrative literature of any form or school—and it arrests our attention even in real life. “The Principle of Drama,” by Tore Boeckmann, provides an illuminating new angle from which to view literature.
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New from #ARICampus: Morality of Freedom chronicles the rise and fall of liberty from a philosophic perspective.
objectivist academic center
Considering an intellectual career in academia or public policy? Our early application deadline is April 30.
Debt Dialogues
The debt dialogues
In this podcast episode, Onkar Ghate addresses the morality of the welfare state.
Listen in.
Ayn Rand Lexicon
Get inspired by exploring what Ayn Rand had to say on the topic of happiness.
Read more.
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