VISTA FAQ’S- Blocked Program Popup Notification On Restart

For some reason the icon VCM didn’t work properly, all I got previously was a message “IM service not available” (IM=instant messenger). I got a message from Windows that some start-up programs were blocked. In Defender/Start-up programs the VCM program was not listed at all. I Tried Renewal and finally I got a Windows message to enable/disable AcerVCM.exe, I enabled it and then the VCM icon worked properly and I could right click it and the I had the possibility to switch off VCM. After Restart the VCM PopUp (and icon) was disapperared. After that I got a new icon: Blocked StartUp Programs (Defender) and a new PopUp: Blocked StartUp Programs but this was easy to eleminate by right-clicking on shutdown. After restart this new popup (and icon) was disappeared also. The pc-makers and software-makers give annoying start-up popups, which are sometimes hard to remove. That’s all part of the marketing game I guess!